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We all encounter struggles in our lives that challenge us and deplete our emotional resources. Gaining perspective and dealing with our pain can be difficult on our own and we can benefit from talking to someone outside of the situation in order to help us sift through all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that come into play. We mentally narrate and create interpretations about what it is occurring in our lives and what it means about us. Often those narratives tend to become negatively biased and create an inhospitable internal world that contributes to our suffering. We may also seek to avoid distressing emotions, a habit which later can create more distress as these emotions come out in ways that we don’t anticipate.

I provide a therapeutic environment where you have the space and safety to process what’s contributing to your distress and to work on ways that you might grow, gain insight, learn coping skills, and attain your desired goals.

Photo by Emily Pimpinella

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