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Contact + Location

Sessions are by appointment only. *My voicemail will indicate if I am accepting new clients or not. 

If you are interested in making an appointment, please read the information in the "New Clients" section and then give me a call at 607-273-1083. You may need to leave me a message, as I do not answer the phone while I'm in session with a client, and I will make every effort to call you back during times you indicate you will be reachable. 

*Please do not text me, as texts will not go through on my phone. 

If you prefer a digital mode of communication, once you have become my client, you will have access to secure messaging through the client portal.

213 North Aurora Street is a beautiful building that houses the store and barber shop Narrative Space on the first floor (left-side door), and my office, along with other therapy offices, on the second floor. To access my office, go in the right-side door and there is a waiting area on the first floor.

Parking: there is a parking garage right across the street, as well as street parking.

Office Location:

213 North Aurora St

Ithaca, NY 14850  

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